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Professional Dog Handler Courses

K9 Matters professional dog handling courses are available to those who are looking to train their dog to a standard required by that of a recognised national qualification i.e. EDI level 2 - please contact us for further details.

Our training courses are available either as a group or a one-to-one basis. They include a practical element using your own dog and a theoretical element related to the welfare and the law surrounding the use of security dogs.

We have a fully equipped training centre with classroom facilities.

EDI Level 2 - General Purpose Security Dog Handlers Course

The duration of this course is 50 guided hours and an SIA Licence is essential. The course is flexible and can be booked as training days spead over a number weeks until ready to sit the exam or booked as a block course. Advance booking is essential.
  • Unit 1 (10glh): Roles and responsibilities of a general purpose security dog handler
  • Unit 2 (30glh): Controlling a general purpose security dog, under operational conditions
  • Unit 3 (10glh): Maintaining the health, well being and safety of a general purpose security dog and handler
Total cost is ?700 per individual; this includes course provider membership, training manual and certification. Discounts are available for group bookings. Advance booking and 30% of the training fee is required before commencement of course. For further details, please contact us.

Personal Protection Training

A properly trained personal protection dog is a companion and bodyguard to its handler/family and will act as an alarm and deterrent. It goes without saying that training your dog to this level brings a huge responsibility in dog ownership and requires a good working knowledge of relevant law. Through extensive training, involving real life scenarios, the dogs are taught that the security and safety of their handler/family is paramount. The training program involves commitment in the following areas:
  • Obedience: Companion dog(minimum control)
  • Protection: Threat indication & handler protection
Cost is ?30 per individual, per session. For further details, please contact us.

Continued Professional Development

Once qualified, it is essential to maintain the high level of practical and theoretical competence through regular training sessions - monthly is recommended.

Cost is ?50 per individual, per day. For further details, please contact us.


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